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Temperature Warning Light - What Does it Mean?

The temperature warning light on your vehicle's dashboard can either be an icon of a thermometer or the letters "TEMP". This is a vital warning light, one that should never be ignored. If you notice it turn on while driving, we recommend pulling over safely and turning off your engine. Let your engine cool for around 30 minutes and drive your vehicle into 405 Motors Service for an inspection. 

What does the temperature warning light mean? This light is letting you know that it has detected that your vehicle's engine is running at a temperature that is much too high. In other words, your engine is overheating. When you continue to drive with an engine that is overheating, you risk damage occurring to the head gasket, cracks in the cylinder head, piston scuffing, and more. This damage to the engine can be costly to repair. 

The reason for an engine overheating can be a number of different things. The most common is that the proper amount of coolant isn't lubricating the engine. This could be caused by a leak in a hose or a faulty radiator. When your vehicle has low coolant due to a leak, the engine won't be properly protected. Other causes for an engine overheating can include a faulty thermostat, failing water pump, obstructions to the radiator, dirty cooling system, heavy load, and more. 

If you're experiencing an overheating engine, bring your vehicle into 405 Motors Service today. We will ensure that the cause of the issue is identified and properly repaired. 

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